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HOW TO CHOOSE RUGS" style="font-size: 32px;">HOW TO CHOOSE right size for your space 


The size is dependent upon several factors
a. size of the room
b.use of the room
c. decor style

living Room

Most of the time a 9x12 to 10x14 rug should work just fine in a nice size living room.
For most living rooms you should start from just 6-12 inches under the front legs of the sofa and the love seat.Also place under the front legs of the chairs, if any.Try not to show any hard surface in front of the upholstery i.e.  if you do not put the rug under the front legs of the sofa.The idea of the rug is to create a conversation area and define your space. There is no hard and fast rule  about how much flooring  border to show around the rug, so just avoid traffic patterns . This will work in most situations, however in very large classic homes with traditional design you may want to put the whole room setting completely on the rug. In this case you will need a larger rug.

Dining Room

Most dining rooms with six chairs will need an 8x10 for up to 6 chairs or a 9x12 with up to eight chairs. Occasionally the chairs are large and a six chair table may need a 9x12 as well. The idea is when you pull the chairs back to sit, the chairs do not fall off the rug.If your dining room is much larger then you may use a one size larger for  the table to function. You SHOULD NOT put the server, buffet or china on the rug. Rule of thumb is to have two feet on either side of the table to allow your chairs to push back and still be on the rug unless you have large or all arm chairs, then may be two and a half feet on either side added to the size of the table. Same rule applies to round tables as well. 

Bed Room

Most bed rooms with a queen size bed will take at least an 8x10 and most kings will take a 9x12 or 10x14. The idea is to get off the rug and put your feet on a comfortable rug. The usual placement of a rug will start few inches away from the night stands and then continue  past the foot of the bed. Do not put the headboard of the bed on the rug. Start the rug so  that your feet will be on the rug when you step down. Alternatively you can  put smaller scatter sizes on either side of the bed but they are much harder to find and match. In my opinion this is luxury to have a large rug under the bed that flanks the bed all the way around.