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Oriental Rugs & Furniture
When it comes to buying an Oriental  Rug , my recommendations will be as follows:

1. First try to figure out a size that will be appropriate as listed in the how to choose rugs section. 
2. Once you know what size you need then try to get some sort of idea of the colors and designs that you like e.g. you like a floral design with brown and green or silver with black. Also if you would like a geometric pattern or a contemporary rug. If you are unable to get a handle on this then at this stage I would contact an interior designer or call your local rug store and ask if they offer in home service at no charge.
3. I would recommend that you search rug dealers and websites in your local area and do some home work before actually going to a merchant. Down load and print some designs you like and also get a budget figure so you know what you want to spend.
4. Check and see the reputation of a merchant on different websites and see how long have they been in business, if they import or only  distribute for other merchants. Are they only retailers or do they have wholesale operation also. I will also ask my neighbors and  friends if they can recommend someone . A recommendation is worth its weight in gold. In my opinion generally stay away from going out of business and or liquidation sales. Buying from websites is a difficult one as colors cannot be photographed with true colors and quality is difficult to ascertain. Also the hassle of receiving and opening and then packaging,returning if not the right rug all complicates the transaction.
5. Ask the local merchant you select if they offer free in home showing of rugs if you go there and select some pieces or if they charge for this service. Most reputed dealers will do so without charge and obligation.
6. Next visit a dealer and show them your fabrics and samples of finishes and ask them to assist you with selecting several rugs that coordinates with your colors and styles of your choice. Next ask them to see them in your home so that you can see them in the light of your own home. 
7.Once in your home , you eliminate the ones that  do not appeal to you and colors do not work and select and put aside that work and after that you just eliminate one by one by comparison until you reach the final one. Vow now you have the rug of your choice.